Matt-Legasse-Ability-ProstheticsGetting To Know Our Staff
Matt Legasse, C.O.

Here at Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics we want our patients to know that we truly care about them and consider them family. As family we thought you, our patients might want to know a little bit more about us.

This week we will be focusing on Matt Legasse. Matt is one of our specially trained orthotic fitters and creators. He spends a lot of time back in our lab creating our patient’s custom pieces to ensure they fit comfortably, and we can get them back to you as quickly as possible.

Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics Shows Nevada Pride

We here at Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics are proud to be Nevadan's and showed our pride Thursday, October 30th at 10am. Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki asked as a final Sesquicentennial initiatives for all fellow Nevadans to join him, Gov. Brian Sandoval and the NV 150 Commission for #NevadaSings, a state-wide simultaneous sing along of “Home Means Nevada.” The goal is to set a record for the most people in an American state to sing their state song at the same time.

Inspirational story of amputation

Standing Out by Trying to Fit In

By Leslie Pitt Schneider, JD, RN, CCRC (ACRP), HT (ASCP)
Content provided by The O&P EDGE


Leslie as adult

“Accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept,” as the saying goes. When that change happens to a six-year-old girl, you accept it with the naivety that only comes with the innocence of childhood. My story begins on May 28, 1975, in the small town of New Ulm, Minnesota. Although I was born nearly seven years to the day earlier, that is the day I say my life began.

It was the first day of summer vacation after first grade. All of the neighborhood kids were outside playing at each other’s houses and running through each home as if it were our own. I was at my best friend Marnie’s house, and after a few hours of playing with our Barbie dolls, I decided to go home to get more toys. I remember looking down the driveway and then looking both ways before crossing the street. But I never made it home that day; I was struck and run over by a dump truck hauling gravel.

construction-mastectomy-storeSorry for Our Dust, Ability Prosthetic and Orthotics is Expanding to Better Serve Our Patients

We have taken over the rest of the building to expand our office. Our expansion will allow our staff, led by Travis Humphreys, CPO, to provide even better care to our patients. Ability will have a larger area exclusively for sizing, fitting and assisting our patients with their prosthetic and orthotic needs.

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