Patient Talking About Microprocessor Knees

ABILITY Prosthetics and Orthotics always strives to do what is best for our patients. We never stop looking for new techniques and equipment to improve the lives of our patients. Here is one of our patients talking about Ottobock's C-Leg 4 and Genium X3 microprocessor knees.


The Ottobock C-Leg Offers Dependability You Can Count On

C-Leg continues the industry-leading tradition of improving outcomes for more than 60,000 fittings worldwide. With studies citing increased stability and reduced falls*, C-Leg is weatherproof, can be controlled with the Android Cockpit app, and makes walking backward easier. Whether on sidewalk steps or dodging subway crowds, C-Leg helps transform the way you walk.

C-Leg helps people master everyday life more confidently. With two additional MyModes, your Prosthetist can set up the knee to help make activities like biking, dancing, or golfing easier. Switching modes is simple, you can use the the Cockpit app for Android, remote control, and motion pattern to quickly change your settings using Bluetooth® technology.

Genium X3 – Explore New Horizons

The Genium X3 benefits from the unique combination of technology, functionality and intuitive use. With this leg prosthesis system, the virtually natural replication of the physiological human gait is possible.

The Genium X3 opens up entirely new possibilities: showering, going swimming or at work – since the system is water and corrosion-resistant, it stands up to any ambient conditions. Users who are undaunted by any challenge value the highly robust protector. It stands up to the highest strain. Walking backwards, climbing stairs step-over-step or walking at changing speeds and with different stride lengths – the joint is intuitive to use and flexible in adapting to the circumstances. The running mode was developed especially for sports. This mode provides the settings needed for jogging or running with the Genium X3. In order to bring the lower leg back to full extension in time, the OPG (optimised physiological gait) function is deactivated in this mode as well. Overall, the Genium X3 offers five additional configurable modes.

 If you think either of the Ottobock microprocessor prosthetic knees might be right for you, call ABILITY Prosthetics and Orthotic to schedule an appointment today!

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