ABILITY Prosthetics & Orthotics 
Services Available

Orthotic Services

Ability-orthotic-custom-fit-300Orthotic Considerations and Treatment for adults and pediatrics includes, but are not;limited to the following:

• Upper Extremity Bracing
• Spinal Bracing
• Fracture Bracing
• Scoliosis Bracing
• Diabetic Footwear
• Sport Knee Bracing (ACL)
• Spina Bifida
• Cerebral Palsy
• Braces for Work Related Inuries (carpal tunnel, etc)
• Osteoarthritis Braces
• Clubfoot Bracing
• Low Tone/High Tone
• Soft Goods (walking boots, back braces, ankle braces, etc)
• Foot Orthotics

Ability-prosthetics-sockets-300Prosthetic Services

• Partial Feet
• Transtibial (below knee)
• Transfemoral (above knee)
• Hip Disarticulation
• Microprocessor Knees and Feet
• Vacuum Assisted Suction Sockets
• Upper Extremity Conventional Systems
• All Levels of Cosmetic Prostheses

Mastectomy Care

• Full Line of Post-Surgery Breast Forms
• Compression Sleeves and Stockings
• Inner Foam Sling Supports for Immediately Following Surgery
• Compression Bras
• Augmentation Bras
• Post-op Camisoles 

I am so extremely happy with my new leg, it feels so great.
–– Prosthetic Patient
I was treated with nothing but the most concern and respect by your company. I have recommended you not only to my plastic surgeon, but to Renown Hospital, and anyone else who might benefit from your services. Thank you.
–– Mastectomy Patient
Everybody in your office is professional, helpful, and courteous. I will recommend you to anybody who needs your services. Thank you very much!
–– Diabetic Footwear Patient
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