ability orthotic fittingOrthotic Services

• Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO)
• Knee Ankle Foot Orthotic (KAFO)
• Upper Extremity Orthotic Bracing
• Spinal Orthotic Bracing
• Fracture Orthotic Bracing
• Scoliosis Orthotic Bracing
• Diabetic Orthotic Footwear
• Sport Knee Orthotic Bracing (ACL)
• Orthotic Braces for Work Related Injuries (carpal tunnel, etc)
• Osteoarthritis Orthotic Braces
Ability orthotics custom fit mold• Spina Bifida Orthotic Braces
• Cerebral Palsy Orthotic Braces
• Clubfoot Orthotic Bracing
• Low Tone/High Tone
• Soft Good Orthotics (walking boots, back braces, ankle braces, etc)
• Foot Orthotics

What is Orthotics?

Orthotics is the design, fabrication, and fitting of devices that provide external support or assist Ability-orthotics-custom-fit-child-mold-300weak or abnormal joints and/or muscle groups. Musculoskeletal disorders, joint weakness, back problems, or the inability of any joint or muscle group to function correctly can greatly decrease an individuals quality of life and mobility. These problems can be caused by:

• Congenital Factors
• Traumatic Injury/CVA (Strokes)
• Chronic Conditions
• Sports Injuries
• Degenerative Disease

Orthotics help patients with these disorders by providing appropriate corrective, assistive and supportive devices. In some instances, it is necessary to design and fabricate a custom orthosis for a specific need. In others, the orthotist custom fits an off-the-shelf device to the patient's dimensions, or incorporates additional components to achieve the desired results.

Ability-orthotics-personal-service-300An orthosis may be worn temporarily until a weakness or injury is overcome, or on a permanent basis to facilitate impaired function due to a congenital or degenerative condition. Our practitioners at ABILITY Prosthetics & Orthotics of Nevada start with creating a welcoming and open communication atmosphere with their patient. They want to get to know each patient and create a personalized Orthotics Care program as every patient's needs and abilities are different.

Ability-orthotics-shoes-300ABILITY takes great pride in the oversized lab area in the practice, which allows for all the "customization" to begin. Our practitioners have the "ability" to design, create, modify, and assure that the orthotic they will be donning on a patient is the best it can be and it's all done right in the office, without having to send anything away. Although, there are occasions when a brace or device will need to be sent to a central fabrication lab due to special order materials needed for fabrication. An orthosis may be worn temporarily until a weakness or injury is overcome, or on a permanent basis to facilitate impaired function due to a congenital or degenerative condition. 

Being a young mom and hearing your daughter needs some type of leg brace was a very difficult thing; I think for any mother really. Ability made this process so easy. Her braces were there when they said they would be and they completely took me by surprise because they are hardly noticeable. I am very pleased with the care we received. Ability exceeded my expectations and I would definitely refer them to others. Also, Sharon form the front desk was amazing in helping me with my paperwork and insuring we had the right forms and notes from the referring podiatrist. Thanks to her quick eye we were able to make sure my daughter received the proper exam. She is very much a people person and I enjoyed dealing with her fun personality. Thank you Ability!
–– Pediatric Orthotic Braces Patient
VERY happy with the entire process as well as the finished product(s). It is great to deal with a company/people that are so professional, prompt and courteous.Thanks.
–– Orthotic Patient
The staff at ABILITY Prosthetics and Orthotics have always been extremely friendly and helpful! Travis Humphreys knows this business inside out making your appointment a complete success!
–– Compression Garment Patient
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