Prosthetic Services Include,
but are not limited to:

prosthetics-Transtibial-300• Partial Feet Prosthetics
• Transtibial (below knee)
• Transfemoral (above knee)
• Hip Disarticulation
• Microprocessor Knees and Feet
• Vacuum Assisted Suction Sockets
• Upper Extremity Conventional Systems
• All Levels of Cosmetic Prostheses

What is Prosthetics?

Prosthetics is the science and practice of evaluating, designing, fabricating, fitting and delivering a prosthesis or artificial limb. The profession is unique as it combines art with science, and rewarding because of the personal satisfaction in improving the quality of life Ability Prosthetics artificial limbfor amputees. At ABILITY Prosthetics & Orthotics of Nevada, our practitioners goals start with creating a welcoming and open communication atmosphere with their patient. They want to get to know each patient and create a personalized Prosthetic Care program as every patient's needs and abilities are different. ABILITY takes great pride in the oversized lab area in the practice, which allows for all the "customization" to begin. Our practitioners have the "ability" to design, create, modify, and assure that the prosthetic they will be donning on a patient is the best it can be and it's all done right in the office, without having to send anything away. The patient can come back as much as they need for adjustments OR our practitioners will go to them if transportation becomes an issue.

In 2007 I was in the Marines and lost both of my legs from an IED explosion. I have received exceptional care from Travis for 5 years. He has made me the best sockets that are essential for me to live my life.
–– Prosthetic Patient
Gina was very pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions.
-- Prosthetic Patient
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